XWS-12SP 12 AWG Speaker Wire

  • 330’ 12 Gauge Speaker Wire
  • 100% OFC Wire
  • 132 Strands x 2
  • Flexible Orange and Black Satin PVC Insulation Jacket
XWS-12SP 12 AWG Speaker Wire
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XWS-12SP 12 Gauge Xtreme 100% OFC Speaker Wire

Proper size and good quality speaker wire in your install is very important if you want to get maximum performance from your amplifier to your speakers. Our speaker wire is a unique blend of Low Resistance/High Delivery wire strands that insure your speakers will get all of what they need to perform the way we have designed them.

Our 100% OFC wire strands are developed to carry the voltage and current as efficiently as possible with little to no current loss and our insulation jacket is very supple which makes the installation much easier with a flexible cable. 


XWS-12SP 12 AWG Speaker Wire